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Smart(er) Internet of Things (IoT)

Every successful IoT project needs timely and accurate data. OpenData is a highly scalable IoT platform designed specifically to deal with the issues of data collection from heterogeneous devices at the edge of the network.

Smart(er) Data Center Solutions

The foundation of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is Real-time data collection. See how OpenData uses Real-time Operational Intelligence to make better decisions for the efficient operation of these critical facilities.

Smart(er) Energy Management

A successful energy management strategy begins with an accurate baseline and continuous monitoring. See how OpenData helps the Federal Government comply with new sustainability regulations for improving energy efficiency.

Smart(er) Power Management

Understanding how power is being used and insuring that power infrastructure is performing at peak efficiency is the basis for proactive power management. See how OpenData provides facility and data center operations with the insight needed to make changes without the risk.

Industries and areas of focus

Smart Data Center Infrastructure Management Solutions. Decrease power and cooling costs. 

OpenData helps you track the health and efficiency of your remote and distributed assets. 

Smart Building Analytics for
automated fault detection, and
 increasing efficiencies

Telco critical infrastructure monitoring. Locate, track, and monitor your network equipment.

Modern edge architecture

With more “smart” equipment integrating into your corporate network and relaying time-sensitive data, you need a modern edge computing architecture that can accurately track equipment health without costly bandwidth limitations. Learn about how Edge computing can supercharge your network monitoring. 

Before there was the Internet of Things, there was OpenData

No matter what IoT application you are building, from automated crop watering to autonomous car routing, you need accurate and timely data to deliver a successful solution. Before IoT, we designed OpenData from the ground up to collect data at the edge of your network in real-time, from every device type and from all manufacturers. Our highly scalable, distributed architecture and template approach to device connection and data extraction make OpenData the ideal platform for your IoT project.

Availability. Capacity. Efficiency.

Proven at Scale

Modius Customer Xiolink

“From the beginning, it was clear that Modius’ DCIM solution was the right fit for XIOLINK. By deploying OpenData Enterprise Edition, we are now able to measure efficiency and continually monitor performance across our entire critical infrastructure, ensuring
that XIOLINK’s PUE and other optimization targets not only meet but exceed our strict internal PUE goals.”

Mike Palmer
Chief Technology Officer

Modius Customer Cologix

“We selected Modius’s Open Data platform for its high speed, scalable data collection technology which we tightly integrated into Cologix’s cloud-based CRM.”

Val Milshtein
Vice President of Technology

Modius Customer Intel

“Intel Data Center Manager coupled with OpenData Enterprise Edition enables data center operators to gauge device-level performance and take actionable steps to plan for capacity and reduce energy consumption. OpenData dashboards and reports with data from
Intel DCM gives operators increased intelligence across a heterogeneous landscape of IT and facilities equipment.”

Jeffrey Klaus
Director of Data Center Solutions
Intel, Inc.

“Modius combines fully-redundant 24×7 monitoring with continuous measurement of critical equipment. Together, these capabilities allow us to drive forward our aggressive efficiency optimizations with the confidence that the integrity of our facility won’t be compromised.”

General Manager
International Technology Company


iot Solution Bundles

Modius’s Market ready solution bundles for IoT equipment deployments supercharge your time to value by offering pre-configured bundles that are ready to deploy today.

What infrastructure monitoring solutions can we build for you?

IoT Asset Management

Learn about how Modius OpenData simplifies the monitoring of distributed IoT assets and easily integrates into existing  and new equipment.


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Energy Savings with OpenData

This technology company saved $262,000 annually using OpenData

Modius, Inc. is the leading provider of  infrastructure management software for IoT equipment and device deployments, specializing in improving the operation  efficiencies of your most critical equipment.

Before there was IoT there was OpenData. Modius OpenData has been helping clients connect and monitor critical infrastructure equipment in the most challenging environments since 2004.