Network Connection Management

OpenData® Network Connection Management Module

A unique network connectivity approach designed for a DCIM manager's view of network connectivity and topology.

The Modius Network Connection Management Module is designed for data center operators with a unique interactive physical diagram tied to your asset structure.

The OpenData Physical diagram is a new breed of visualization for data center operators managing network connectivity. This diagram overlays the connectivity of your devices with additional location (geographical) relationships from your asset tree structure. This allows for a network diagram that reflects both the OSI Layer 1 physical connectivity and the relationship of the connection to your real- world arrangement.

Module Highlights

  • A graphical display of network connections based on device location and rack configuration. - An interactive network diagram structured on your physical groupings like rooms, floors, rows, and racks, allowing you to see how network connections fit into your data center design.
  • Provides an “operator’s view” of devices -and connections that directly correlate to the operator’s daily tasks and goals. – The Network Connection Management view directly correlates to an operator’s daily tasks and goals, avoiding overload from information that does not apply.
  • Simplified exploration of network connectivity allows you to show and hide connectivity based on a walk through the physical hardware connections.
  • Full management of assets within diagrams – Access to full asset details and editing capabilities directly within the network diagrams.
  • Multiple Connectivity Approaches – Simple connections from asset to asset, port-based connections to track port usage or cable-based connections for fine granularity control and tracking.
  • Risk analysis for network circuits – Risk assessment of power chains mapped against the hardware utilized in each circuit and circuits against customers. Provides visibility of the highest risk and impact, minimizing downtime for your customers before a problem occurs.
  • Network Bandwidth Resource Blocks – Network bandwidth is tracked as a resource like Power and U-Space, helping you identify and plan for growth in your data center