Client Portal Manager / REST API

OpenData® Client Portal Manager /REST API Module

The REST API allows data center managers to share data with external solutions like CRMs CMMCs, and directly with customers - securely. Our API provides compliance with the latest standards in meeting demanding customer SLA and transparency demands. We integrate with many third-party systems to share data from device status to raw measured values as well as fully rendered reports. The data manager controls what gets shared and is not dependent on Modius to publish data.

Module Highlights

  • Shared Device Support – Devices and Assets can be shared to multiple clients. This allows for shared resources like a generator to easily be exposed to multiple customers for full transparency.
  • Provides a method to generate OpenData service tickets through via your customer portal to facilitate equipment deployment, service work, and change requests. Ticket access through the API includes ongoing visibility of ticket status as work is done.
  • Provides a method for sharing select DCIM reports and charts with clients via the portal – avoiding the need to rebuild the same report in both systems.
  • Transparency for Hyperscalers with minimal impact provides visibility of core device telemetry (raw) data through a standardized interface in a standardized format across all vendors and models.
  • Greater Security Control – Data is collected through existing secure infrastructure and then shared through OpenData to the customer. The API can be deployed via high volume highly secure front ends like Microsoft Azure’s API Management Service and AWS.
  • Client Identity Mapping for Better Access Control. Clients Identity can be mapped to OpenData hardware devices and Assets for easy control of device access. This can be managed via an external system like a CRM.
  • Hierarchal Client Modeling – Clients can be defined in a Hierarchy. This allows devices to be grouped by the customer at a Building Level via one ID, site via another ID, and region via another ID. This enables easy support and access control at multiple levels.
  • Data Point Level Access Control – Exposure from OpenData within a device can be controlled via an easy-to-use GUI that determines if a given point value is exposed via the API. This allows exposure of points needed for transparency agreements, without clutter from undesired points.
  • Analytics Reports via API – Charts and tables are available fully rendered in HTML and ready to display in an external solution or CRM display.