Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

What is DCIM?

DCIM tools are an essential component of modern data centers. DCIM provides critical insights into the utilization and energy consumption of a facility’s hardware and infrastructure components. With DCIM software, IT managers can easily monitor and measure everything from server load to cooling capacity, allowing them to make informed decisions about optimizing the performance and efficiency of their data center operations. DCIM technology also gives users unprecedented control over power distribution units and computer room air conditioners, enabling them to fine-tune a facility’s environmental systems for maximum cost savings while minimizing system downtime. Overall, DCIM tools represent a powerful tool for managing today’s highly complex data centers and ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently.

DCIM software

Why invest in DCIM?

Work faster, increase revenue, improve utilization and provide service differentiation

Over the last several years, companies looking to reduce data center operating costs, or avoid costly expansions of existing facilities, have considered using Colocation as a viable option for reducing operating expenditures and capital expenditures costs associated with operating an in-house data center. This rise in popularity has created higher levels of competition between Colocation operators to onboard new customers quicker and keep them longer, through the use of value-added services.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), empowers colocation operators to better manage their facilities by consolidating all the information needed to make smarter, faster decisions for infrastructure planning and the day-to-day management of hosted equipment. DCIM solutions like OpenData collect real-time data from facility infrastructure and IT equipment, providing operational insight into resource capacity planning as new customers are added (or deleted) and have the ability to share this management information with customers as a value-added service.

With DCIM, colocation operators can transform their business by having the information they need to work faster, increase revenue, improve utilization and provide service differentiation to their customers — while reducing the risk of unplanned downtime from increased density.

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The Best Data Center Infrastructure Management Platform

OpenData from Modius delivers complete operational intelligence based on real-time data for superior management of data centers and facilities. OpenData is a highly scalable IoT software platform designed to collect the unstructured “big data” that is generated from all the infrastructure, sensors, applications, and IT equipment found in today’s modern data centers and facilities. We use this real-time data to enable smarter management decisions, reduce operational risks and provide a superior solution for Data Center Infrastructure Management, (DCIM).

OpenData DCIM Solutions

Whether your organization is a colocation provider, a managed service provider, an application cloud-based service provider, or all of the above, the need for complete and accurate visibility into infrastructure is the key to successfully managing costs, capacity and availability. Because DCIM solutions like OpenData provide real-time data collection and analytics for intelligent capacity planning, all types of service providers can benefit. DCIM makes it possible to optimize the profits derived from your facilities by identifying and freeing stranded capacity, increasing the productivity of your service staff, and insuring that all your SLAs are achieved.

What is DCIM Software?

Software for Data Center Infrastructure Management

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)1 software gives data center operators the ability to run efficient data center operations. DCIM software is used to monitor, measure, and manage data centers, covering both IT equipment and supporting infrastructure such as power and cooling systems. DCIM software can bridge information across organizational domains – Data Center Ops, Facilities, and IT to maximize utilization of the data center.

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