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Buyer’s Guide: Nine Questions to Ask When Implementing a Real-Time Monitoring System for Data Center Optimization

The guide provides discussion topics for operators and managers to address before implementing a data center monitoring solution.

IoT Asset Management Information Brief

Product Overview of Modius OpenData for IoT Equipment solution brief. IoT for IT overview. This quick information sheet describes the need to bring compute power closer to IoT equipment, and process of monitoring these distributed locations.

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Smart(er) Edge data center monitoring

Intelligently manage distributed IT and Facility compute power easily with OpenData IoT Edge. Deploy rapidly, scale easily, monitor all equipment remotely in real-time.

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Product Overview of Modius OpenData for Edge Data Center Monitoring. IoT for IT overview.

This quick information sheet describes the need to bring compute power closer to IoT equipment, and process of monitoring these distributed locations.

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OpenData for Smart Building Analytics

As buildings become smarter and more connected, there is a strong need to utilize a tool that can dive deeper into the data and find hidden efficiencies, energy savings, and monitor the health of your entire smart building ecosystem.

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OpenData for Gaming Data Centers

User experience is everything to you. As your gaming centers become more complex and the need to offer an unparalleled user experience to your customers becomes your top priority, monitoring the health of your gaming data center and equipment is critical. Download the OpenData for Gaming data center brief to see how we can level-up your infrastructure.

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Product Overview of Modius OpenData for Unified Data Center Monitoring & Analysis

This 5-page product overview describes the issues that many data center operators are confronting and how Modius OpenData can help.

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Modius OpenData Asset Management Brief

This 1-page product brief introduces the Modius OpenData Asset Management Module, an easy to use, affordable asset visualization and management solution for Standard and Enterprise editions of OpenData.

Asset Management Overview | Download Asset Management Brief

Modius OpenData Cooling Management Brief

This 1-page product brief introduces the Modius OpenData Cooling Management Module, providing real-time, comprehensive environmental monitoring of mixed sensor installations, and visual playback of environmental conditions to support optimization initiatives and root-cause analysis of environmental anomalies.

Cooling Management Overview | Download Cooling Management Brief

Modius OpenData Analytics Module Brief

This 1-page product brief introduces the Modius OpenData Analytics Module, providing a library of pre-built dashboards and reports covering the popular data center industry management metrics like PUE, Carbon Footprint, Site Capacity Trending, Equipment Statistics and more.

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Modius OpenData for Baselining and Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and data-driven analysis are fundamental to improved resource management and decision support. By establishing a baseline of power usage, comparisons can be made against it to determine the effectiveness of optimization strategies. Learn about Modius’ approach to determining an accurate baseline and achieving real-time monitoring of the extended power and cooling chain.

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Capacity & Efficiency Analysis Solution Sheet

The Capacity & Efficiency Analysis solution from Modius combines continuous and universal measurement of data center devices with “out-of-the-box” capacity and efficiency dashboards and reports.

Solution for data centers | Download Solution Sheet

Data Center Management – Cooling Solution Sheet

The Data Center Management Cooling solution from Modius provides a direct data feed to the BMS or other control system to optimize cooling and air resources.

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Data Center Management – Power Capacity Management (PCM) Solution Sheet

The Power Capacity Management (PCM) Module for OpenData uses real-time IoT data collection to dynamically manage power load thresholds for all devices connected to the power chain.

Power Management Overview | Download Solution Sheet

Modius OpenData and StarLine Track Busway Brief

This 1-page partner brief introduces Modius OpenData integration with StarLine Track Busway. This partnership allows data center managers to easily track and report continuous power consumption data anywhere and from any device in labs or data centers with StarLine CMP power meters and Modius OpenData software.

Technology company saves $262k in energy costs per year

This technology company based in northern California documents over $262K in annually energy savings after implementing OpenData in their facilities.


OpenData helps this company avoid disaster!

The granular device monitoring capabilities of OpenData adverts 3 catastrophic device failures and avoids a complete data center shutdown.

This company realized 26% improvement in their cooling efficiency

OpenData was used to monitor and optimize cooling and chilled water usage in this facility, reducing cooling related energy usage by 26%.

This company added 30% more servers using OpenData for capacity management

OpenData was used to baseline power capacity and identify opportunities to use phase balancing to free-up power reserves for an additional 30% more servers using the existing infrastructure.

RtOI – Mastering Your Infrastructure

This whitepaper your journey on the Real-time Operational Intelligence Continuum

5 Reasons Colocation Providers Need DCIM

This whitepaper identifies the top 5 reasons Colocation operators should consider implementing a DCIM solution for their facilities.

Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI)  for the Data Center

This 11-page document provides some practical guidelines for managing the problem of “Big Data” in your data center and how you can use Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) to solve real-world problems.

Using The Right Tool for the Job: Modius OpenData vs. a BMS

This 5-page document summarizes the key differences between OpenData software by Modius and a typical Building Management System (BMS), including the impact those differences have on the effectiveness of managing a data center.

Determining PUE in an Imperfect World

Figuring out PUE is simple in principle, but surprisingly painful in practice. Dr. Jay’s technical tip will help you identify and overcome challenges for measuring PUE in dedicated and mixed-use facilities.

Modius OpenData Free virtual Proof-of-Concept (vPOC)

Want to learn about data center monitoring without having to install software? Modius offers “virtual” Proof-of-Concept completely FREE. No software installation or on-premise metering or instrumentation required.

Modius Research Highlight: The Science of Measurement

In this white paper, Modius highlights the major findings of the new research paper “The Science of Measurement”.

Do you know your PUE?

Modius outlines the importance of continuous and comprehensive measurement of Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metrics.

Optimizing Energy Performance in Today’s Global Data Center

In this white paper, Modius outlines how enterprises can reduce costs and tame out-of-control energy consumption.

The Science of Measurement Whitepaper

In this whitepaper, Jonathan Koomey and John Stanley report how data center performance can be improved with continuous monitoring and measuring.

Optimizing Facility Energy Utilization Using IoT Technology

In this whitepaper, Modius outlines how the new OpenData Power Capacity Management (PCM) Module uses IoT Technology to provide a better solution for energy management.

Chapter 1. – Device Navigation

This video demonstrates the options for navigating devices in OpenData.

Chapter 2. – Data Collection & Reporting

This video demonstrates how data collectors are configured and how the collected data can be used to generate reports.

Chapter 3. – Device Alarm Conditions

This video demonstrates how data from devices can be used to trigger alarm conditions and escalate issues.

Chapter 4. – Data Integration Options

This video explains the options for exchanging data between OpenData and other applications managing your facility.

Chapter 5. –  Security Access Options

This video explains how security options can be used to restrict user access to sensitive information within the OpenData application.

OpenData Overview

This video captures a detailed overview of the OpenData application presented by Donald Klein.

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