Real-time Operational Intelligence for everything

OpenData is a Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) platform offering IT and OT real-world insights into the operational performance of sensors and equipment, providing a real-time view into how the equipment is being used, allowing for informed decisions about your smart assets.

OpenData provides an affordable path to get key insights into your IoT environment by offering a way to integrate into all legacy and new equipment, quickly allowing your team to visualize, analyze, and explore the data, regardless of device or application type. OpenData is an end-to-end integration and monitoring system which helps your team uncover hidden efficiencies in your telemetric machine data.

Monitor, visualize and analyze all data, regardless of device or application type.
See how OpenData can monitor your most critical IoT critical infrastructure.

Modius OpenData provides Real-time Operational Intelligence to monitor and manage your equipment regardless of device type or
application. See how it works.

5 Phases of RtOI

  • 1. Alarm Monitoring

    Unstructured, siloed alert data from remote locations gathered into a single, holistic, real-time view

  • 2. Analytics management

    Leveraging metrics to develop analysis of trends, time-aligned, and normalized for comparison

  • 3. Consolidated Dashboards

    A 24/7 personalized interface for live troubleshooting and optimization using integrated tools

  • 4. Predictive Analytics

    Complex data transformations predict how things will behave, including anomalies and failures

  • 5. AI/Machine Learning

    Self-training algorithms for autonomous control

Leveraging the value of your data is not a binary decision. It is a journey.

The RtOI Continuum is a set of five stages that leads you through this journey. It employs data, reporting, analytics, and AI to gain valuable insights and improve business decision-making.

The process begins with wrangling your disparate data sources into a unified, actionable view and moves through Remote Monitoring, Analytics Management, Consolidated Dashboards, Advanced Analytics, all the way up to Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

Regardless of where you are on the RtOI Continuum, Modius is here to support you on your journey and enable you to extract the greatest value from your data.