Resource Planning

OpenData® Planning Module

The OpenData Planning Module allows you to define adds, changes, and removes within your data center, then view your current infrastructure's status with planned changes simulated against your real-time data.

Plans can be compared side by side to evaluate the best course of action, including a side-by-side detailed report of the impact of the plans across the same hardware and your entire infrastructure.

Module Highlights

  • Manage separate plans concurrently, compare and contrast between plans to select the best action or keep defined scenarios available for future reference
  • Resource blocks for key dimensions including power, floorplan space, rack space, cooling, weight, etc., Understand the impact of each plan across all critical dimensions that need to be considered
  • Separate plan management by user, Users can create and clone their own plans without clutter or interference by others
  • Plan steps navigation allows you to carefully review impact at each step of your plan and adjust where needed
  • Plan management allows plans to be Draft, Final, Rejected, In Progress, Cancelled, or Complete. Plans can be executed – wholly or a step at a time as you physically deploy the changes
  • Plans can be executed directly to your active deployment, deployed as reservations, or executed as Workflows (within our graphical Workflow module) to ensure exact commission/decommission SOPs.
  • Combined with Power Management module Plan reports show total impact across your entire infrastructure – simulated against your real-time data. Removing a single server will reflect in the power load all the way to the utility source.