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IoT for IT ™

  • Built for Enteprise Scale, OpenData from Modius is a highly scalable, software platform designed to collect and normalize performance data from devices, (IT & Network equipment, Telco, wired & wireless sensors, IoT devices, etc.), software applications (BMS, CMDB, ITSM, ERP, etc.), and supporting building infrastructure (Power, Cooling, Security, etc.).

    This real-time data provides the foundation for making quicker and better operational decisions for the management of data centers, and other mission-critical facilities. This data can also be used to support applications based on the Internet of Things.

Product Benefits

provides the following capabilities

This powerful software suite includes everything you need to collect data from all classes of networked and non-networked equipment, with optional configurations to provide specific functionality for Event Monitoring, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), Power and Energy Management.

  • Real-time data collection and normalization at the edge of the network (IoT)
  • Optional configurations for additional functionality (DCIM, , Advanced Analytics, Energy Management, Power Management, Event Management. Advanced Analytics)
  • Centralized, standard, highly-scalable database
  • Extensive library of data collection templates for devices, applications and infrastructure
  • Support for networked and serial devices
  • Built-in reporting/analytics
IoT Platform Components

OpenData IoT Platform Diagram


Open Data is the number one platform for high performance IoT infrastructure monitoring and integration into smart equipment.

OpenData is built to scale from small deployments to enterprise class integration and monitoring.

OpenData’s turnkey solution is the fastest deployable IoT solution available on the market today, and easily integrates into both legacy and new IoT equipment, providing our customers with an elite end-to-end solution to monitor both OT and IT equipment.

We make data collection & integration EASY

If you are managing a single site, have multiple facilities across the globe, or are looking for a platform to support the Internet of Things (IoT), OpenData provides the functionality you need to support a higher level of operational efficiency.

Interested in learning how OpenData can supercharge your IoT environment? Schedule a demo with us today!

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Energy Savings with OpenData

This technology company saved $262,000 annually using OpenData