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As one of the original providers of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions, Modius has consistantly pushed the envelope to develop new technologies and innovative solutions that provide our customers with the answers they need to solve their problems, and a distinct advantage over their competitors.  One of the benchmarks of our commitment to our goal of continuously driving the technology process, developing new industry standards, and maintaining strong technology leadership, is the process of systematically applying for patents on our work.
Modius NOC

To date, the Modius OpenData Platform has been awarded two US patents for technical innovation.  Details for these patents are outlined below:

US Patent #6,363,422

Multi-capability facilities monitoring and control intranet for facilities management system

One or more client devices are coupled to a system server through a network link, with the network adapted to support TCP/IP packet-based data transmission protocols. The system server provides initial set-up parameters and continuing operating instructions to each client device over the network link. Subsequently, client devices carry out normal monitoring functions locally, over their local communication link. Intervention by the system server is no longer required unless and until a client device determines that one of its supported pieces of infrastructure equipment is functioning outside of its normal operating parameters. The System server gives the appropriate control information to the client which communicates the control code to the out-of-parameter device in its native language protocol.

Inventors:Hunter; Robert R. (Danville, CA), Vogt; David A.(San Leandro, CA), Cheong; Leslie (San Jose, CA)
Family ID:22298358
Appl. No.:09/104,039
Filed:June 24, 1998
GrantedMarch 26, 2002

US Patent #8,769,106

Universal Configurable Device Gateway

A method and an apparatus for providing a configurable, object-oriented, protocol-neutral interface between a physical device and a server. The method includes coupling an application gateway with the physical device, where the application gateway includes a protocol gateway module configured for physical communication with the physical device, and an object adapter module configured for virtual communication between the physical device and a client application running on a server. The method further includes configuring a service starter to launch and bind the object adapter module with the protocol gateway module, configuring the protocol gateway module to define the physical interface between the physical device and the protocol gateway, and establishing communication between the protocol gateway module and the physical device, such that the physical device is exposed as a network device on the server.

Inventors:Sheehan; Thomas (Soperton, GA), Hartley; Jay (San Ramon, CA), Clementi; Stephen (Oconomowoc, WI), Nowak; David M. (Chicago, IL)
Family ID:35787869
Appl. No.:11/194,114
Filed:July 29, 2005
GrantedJuly 10, 2014