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Asset Management

Complete visibility for the placement of all physical infrastructure in the data center, and beyond

Although the foundation of a successful Critical Iot Infrastructure Management (CIM) implementation has always been data collection and infrastructure monitoring, other capabilities are required to help data center personnel apply the Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) derived from this data to make informed decisions about the assets under management. One of these key DCIM capabilities is Asset Management, providing complete visibility for the placement of all physical infrastructure in the data center and superior documentation for all assets, including power and network connections.

The Asset Management Module

for OpenData

The Asset Management Module for OpenData provides data center and IT facilities managers with the ability to clearly visualize their assets and infrastructure, manage the placement of this equipment, and make informed capacity management decisions as new equipment is deployed and old equipment is retired.

Key features

  • Single repository of all assets across multiple distributed assets
  • Automated asset discovery and tracking (including relationships and interdependencies)
  • Complete visualization of all IoT equipment, sensors, and facilities
  • Auto-generation of rack elevations (front & back)
  • Virtual modeling of Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC) initiatives
  • Space reservations for future projects
  • Visualization and documentation of power and network cabling
  • Advanced search capabilities to locate assets or identify available capacity
  • Fully integrated with OpenData's infrastructure monitoring and data collection capabilities
  • Designed to support easy integration with other enterprise software applications


  • A single source of truth for all data center assets across multiple data centers
  • Easy to deploy and maintain, no on-site coding or programming for low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Easy to integrate with other applications managing the data center


  • Improves MTTR and lowers MTBF
  • Superior Capacity Planning using real data, not plate values
  • Complete lifecycle management for all data center assets

For more information on OpenData’s Asset Management capabilities