Analytics Management

OpenData® Analytics Management Module

The Big Data generated by your remote infrastructure is only useful if it can be easily visualized to provide the information needed to make informed, data-driven management decisions at the operational, tactical and strategic levels. We help you make better decision based on measured data, not models.

Module Highlights

Get Real-time Operational Intelligence

Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) provides facilities and IT managers with the ability to recognize opportunities to mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and optimize capacity.

  • A concise single pane of glass view ensures decisions are based on actual up-to-the-minute infrastructure conditions.
  • OpenData Analytics provides Real-time Operational Intelligence where data is refreshed in seconds, allowing facilities managers to take proactive action as problems arise and make smarter decisions for resolving these issues.
  • Enterprise level data collection from devices, applications & processes
    Distributed data collection with normalization and alarm detection at the Edge provides robust scalability, at millions of points per minute.
  • Create custom metrics from multiple sources
  • Apply full math operands and combine metrics
  • Built-in Business Intelligence (BI) for Critical Infrastructure Management
  • Extensive template library for building new reports and dashboards as well as customer-built reports with no vendor support required.
  • Supports serial based devices when network access is not available.
  • Automatically normalizes data from unstructured sources
  • Integrates with external systems via an advanced API, and can consume data from most external systems like a BMS or CRM.
  • Visualize all locations in the portfolio and compare performance between devices, manufacturers, or sites