OpenData® Workflows Module

The Modius® OpenData Workflow Module enables controlled and tracked processes for DCIM. OpenData Workflow provides an integrated solution for ensuring business processes and operational rules are followed precisely for every occurrence of a process without fail. These workflows can be built entirely by the end user in a graphical interface.

The workflow engine tracks everything. Each user, each step, every field update, and acknowledgement of completion of physical tasks are all tracked. The history is available via a quick view or the OpenData Analytics module.

Module Highlights

  • Process-driven DCIM – Workflow is integrated into OpenData, controlling what users do at each step of the process by taking them exactly where they need to perform a task.
  • Graphical Workflow Editor – An easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that lets you build workflows graphically. They are converted to executable workflows when loaded into OpenData.
  • Administrative Control – Stop processes, remove deployment, view running vs completed tasks, all in one administrative overview
  • Self Service – Workflows can be built and loaded into OpenData entirely by the end-user on their 4. Automatic version control – When you edit a workflow you have already built, new instances will automatically run with the new version. In contrast, active instances will continue on their previous version until to complete to avoid conflicts
  • Analytics – Real-time viewing of workflow states and history within the workflow interface and complete reports