About Modius

Modius provides the solutions for managing the availability, capacity and efficiency of critical facilities.

Who We Are

Modius, Inc. is a leading provider of critical infrastructure management software for optimizing the infrastructure and operations of critical facilities, including data centers, telecom, smart buildings and other IoT environments. The company’s mission is to simplify the operations of the increasingly diverse and complex facilities and IT environment in IoT, while markedly improving performance efficiencies. Founded in 2004 with headquarters in San Francisco, California, Modius has customer deployments across the Americas and Asia. Modius’ flagship offering, OpenData, is a software application that actively integrates power, networking and environmental intelligence with other management applications.

How We Help

At Modius, we make it our business to provide the holistic monitoring and real-time decision support you need to better manage availability, capacity, and efficiency across your entire IoT critical device ecosystem. We provide operational intelligence for the extended power and cooling chain–from the grid to the chassis. OpenData software solutions by Modius are completely vendor-neutral and highly scalable with no coding required to add new devices across multiple sites. OpenData’s ease-of-use and flexibility are unprecedented: Users can easily configure their own dashboards and reports with the power of advanced OpenData Analytics at their fingertips.

Modius provides solutions for

Data Center


Corporate Real Estate


Craig Compiano​


Craig Compiano is an expert business manager and entrepreneur with extensive executive management experience and a track record for developing successful businesses. He brings to the company and the industry, 30 years experience in business and systems development, operations, and finance. His prior accomplishments in software development for large commercial and public sector clients during his tenure at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) led to his current concentration on operational systems development and performance analytics for data centers, and the founding of Modius. Previously as Co-founder and Vice President of Paymap, Inc., Mr. Compiano prototyped, developed, and deployed an Electronic Payment System, that has been widely adopted by the banking industry. He was awarded a patent for this technology. Mr. Compiano has a BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Southern California, and an MBA Finance from UC Berkeley.

Mark Carberry

Vice President, Sales

Mark Carberry became Vice President of Sales for Modius Inc on May 1, 2018. He brings to the team an extensive background in Telecom and equipment monitoring. Mark graduated from UCLA in 1999 where he majored in Cognitive Science. He started his career as an embedded programmer for RTU products. As a developer Mark gained valuable experience working with numerous technologies encompassing hardware, software, communication, and cybersecurity. Through hard work and dedication, Mark joined the executive team of DPS Telecom in 2002 where he served for 10 years as Engineering Director, and 6 years as Vice President of Sales. In his role at DPS, Mark was instrumental in revamping products in time for the network revolution of the 2000’s and beyond. Mark’s experience as a product developer and Sales Engineer exposed him to real world needs for which he skillfully and repeatedly developed practical solutions. The VoIP Orderwire products is just one example of Mark’s innovation for industry that is still popular today for creating IP phone service at radio sites without the need for a central server. Mark is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to SCADA protocols and best practices for monitoring and control. His expertise includes sensor instrumentation, remote terminal units, and fault management systems. With Modius, Mark is now able to leverage his CS/AI background to help companies modernize legacy systems with IIoT technologies. With the onset of more networked devices comes more data, challenges, and opportunities for improved operations. The IIoT revolution has started and Modius has the tools that companies need now. OpenData by Modius is a premiere solution for real-time monitoring of devices and environments, and is packed with contemporary features including data analytics, machine learning, edge processing, asset management, and more.

Patricia Nealon Wright

Chief Marketing Officer

Patricia Nealon Wright has extensive experience in marketing, specializing in bringing technology solutions to market, from startups to large corporations.  Her experience spans corporate marketing and communications, product marketing, market research and strategic partnerships.

While working with an early-stage startup, as Director of Marketing she initiated a new market category and developed positioning to create a compelling value proposition, accelerating the company’s products to general market acceptance. As a result, the company was the first to market with a new technology including hardware, software and services, and later achieved market leadership. Once the company was acquired, she went on to become Global Marketing Director in the acquiring company.

She has also built partner programs from the ground up to support market expansion and scale the business. Her development of key strategic technology partnerships with market influencers created a pathway to general market acceptance and leadership.

Her insight into technology began at Intel, where she spent over a decade, the majority of which was in the Technology Manufacturing Group.

More recently, her consulting practice led her to engage Modius as Chief Marketing Officer.