OpenData® EPMS Module

The Modius® OpenData EPMS module presents mission-critical data in a simple, accessible summary to instantly understand the state of power subsystems. The EPMS graphics show a near real-time animated view of power distribution status, paths and device states.

The Modius OpenData EPMS display module provides an advanced animated display of data collected by our Power Management module.

EPMS supports custom displays like one-lines that are unique to each power system architecture combined with prebuilt device profiles that show an instant graphical view of the physical state of the device as well as highlighting values that are most critical for understand the current state of the equipment.

Module Highlights

  • Graphical real-time status of your power distribution systems – breakers, switches, and bypasses animate to show the physical state, and path colors change to show the exact status of your power distribution system
  • Easily navigate your power distribution model by clicking on a device to navigate to its detailed individual page, regardless of where the device is within your tree or infrastructure
  • EPMS can show color-coded alert status directly on each device with inline alert summaries in tool tips and a single click to go to the device’s open alarms
  • Tools like power meters and breaker summaries open within the display frame to rapidly see complete information without navigating away from your view
    Instant Point History Chart – Any point value in any EPMS display is a single click away from an interactive instant charting tool for viewing the history of that point
  • EPMS displays can be overlayed on floor plan graphic images, bringing the power of one-lines into a physical layout
  • Provides instant visual confirmation that a state change, like an STS or UPS event, sends power exactly where you designed it to go
    The graphical layout allows significantly more information to be shown within a given display space without overloading the user
  • EPMS screens let you click a display any object to navigate to it, providing intuitive, nearly invisible navigation that lets you follow your power flow without thinking about hierarchical trees or hardware location
  • EPMS screens make excellent stand-alone dashboard-type displays or can be combined within OpenData’s dashboard feature to display multiple EPMS screens simultaneously, as well as an automatic rotation of EPMS displays