“Smart” Data Center Infrastructure Management. IoT for IT (Post #1)

Bridging the gap between IoT and Asset Management By Sean Gately   Data centers have come a long way since their birth out of the necessity to house large Electronic Numerical Computers in the tracking of artillery for the United States Army. The need to isolate and care for complex electronic equipment and wiring is […]

“Smart” Data Center Infrastructure Management. IoT for IT (Post #2)

Bridging the gap between IoT and Asset Management An IoT World By Sean Gately Fast forward to today’s explosion of smart devices and the Internet of Things and you and see that data centers infrastructure management is under a dynamic change. The core concept that data centers have been focused on since inception has been […]

“Smart” Data Center Infrastructure Management. IoT for IT (Post #3)

Bridging the gap between IoT and Asset Management By Sean Gately This rapid change in data center architecture puts traditional data center management tools at a disadvantage and adds strain to IT and Facility professionals. Managing a traditional modern data center while also trying to manage the Internet of Things devices requires a whole new […]

Modius OpenData collaborates with Dell Technologies to reduce IoT complexity with new IoT bundles

Modius OpenData collaborates with Dell Technologies to reduce complexity in IoT deployments.   San Francisco, CA, September 6th, 2018 – Today, Modius, a recognized leader in critical infrastructure monitoring solutions is collaborating with Dell Technologies to remove the complexity in IoT deployments by offering turn-key bundled solutions. A Dell Technologies IoT Solutions Partner Program member, Modius […]

How we are partnering with Dell and Intel to simplify IoT monitoring

IoT Solution Bundles with Dell and Intel Today at VM world 2018 Dell announced a new program aimed at simplifying the complexity in extracting value from IoT solutions with their new “IoT connected bundles” program. As Dell mentions “The IoT Connected Bundles are a vital part of our commitment to investing in IoT”, “Dell Technologies has […]

Modius collaborates with Intel to reduce IoT deployment complexity and risk

Modius Joins the Intel Market Ready Solution Program (IMRS) Written by Sean Gately Commercial Infrastructure Monitoring has evolved over the past decade as the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a reality. As much of a buzzword that IoT is, it certainly carries the weight of a technology revolution and is initiating massive changes in […]

The Real-time Operational Intelligence Continuum Craig Compiano, President, Modius

“How can I manage my infrastructure?” We hear it all the time, from the C-Suite to business unit managers to the people that monitor systems. Servers, clouds, remote boxes, and mobile devices are complicated enough. Mix in a huge range of disparate legacy software and you’ve got a thorny problem. Today, everywhere you read, AI […]

Network Infrastructure Management: Why network operators need complete visibility into asset performance at the network edge.

The future is built on connectivity and connectivity is built on millions of individual edge locations: cell sites, data centers, mini data centers and specialized networks monitoring public and private infrastructure. These locations are connecting billions of edge devices, from cell phones to smart cameras to the autonomous vehicle ecosystem to sensors in just about […]

STACK Infrastructure Provides World Class Operating Transparency Via Modius OpenData DCIM

Modius brings together world-class digital infrastructure and DCIM capabilities in a real-time monitoring and control platform DENVER – Nov. 18, 2021 – PRLog — STACK Infrastructure (“STACK”), the digital infrastructure partner to the world’s most innovative companies, recently partnered with Modius, Inc. to develop an industry leading, real-time monitoring, and control platform. Recognizing the need for real-time global monitoring 24x7x365 […]

DCIM Leader Modius Adds Data Center Industry Veteran Peter Gross as a Strategic Advisor

SAN FRANCISCO, CA February 1, 2022- Modius names Peter Gross as a strategic advisor. Gross is a pioneer in modern data center design and will advise the Modius team on new challenges facing the fast-growth cloud-hosting facilities development sector and the emerging opportunities it presents globally. Craig Compiano, President of Modius, Inc., says, “Peter is ideally […]