How we are partnering with Dell and Intel to simplify IoT monitoring

IoT Solution Bundles with Dell and Intel

Today at VM world 2018 Dell announced a new program aimed at simplifying the complexity in extracting value from IoT solutions with their new “IoT connected bundles” program. As Dell mentions “The IoT Connected Bundles are a vital part of our commitment to investing in IoT”, “Dell Technologies has identified several partners demonstrating strong use case focus and clear return on investment to create the new Dell Technologies IoT Connected Bundles.” Dell goes on to say “Our mission is to deliver IoT solutions that are purpose-built, approachable, and interoperable and stand the test of time”.

Modius is proud to have been selected as an inaugural member of this program as we continue to invest in simplifying the complexity in IoT deployments and offer a true turn-key monitoring system for all sensor-based devices.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) market continues to expand we have noticed an increasing demand from customers wanting to get past the hype of IoT and deploy solutions that are both validated and affordable, so we set out to create what we saw as a true need in the marketplace.

Packaging market-validated IoT solution bundles that are easy to buy and fast to deploy is an important step in the internet of things evolution because complexity in IoT deployments is one of the most cited reasons companies hold off on investing in this technology. This complexity has added a frustrating dynamic to any company exploring IoT solutions as they wade through all the marketing smoke and mirrors of IoT potential, and isolate real-world use cases and solutions that are relevant to their business.

This is the challenge we set out to solve.  

IoT deployments can be a sticky complicated mess, with multiple software vendors, security concerns, legacy equipment, compatibility issues, and hardware all thrown into a pot the chance of an IoT deployment taking too long and exceeding budget is a realistic concern. Offering an end-to-end solution in-a-box takes much of the risk and complexity out of extracting immediate value from sensor-based connected equipment because you are deploying a market validated solution which has been rigorously tested for security and compatibility.

You could say that our turn-key bundles are an evolution in the ongoing growth of IoT, companies are beginning to better understand their connected environment and evolving needs, and vendors have been busy working on ways to reduce the complexity of solving these needs.

The modular nature of the bundle also allows us to adhere to the 80/20 rule in software deployments, where 80% of the value extracted is near instantaneous, and the remaining 20%, (typically a very complex services engagement), can now be achieved through add-ons readily available outside of the standard bundle package.

Validated by Industry Pioneers

Modius OpenData bundles are factory installed on Dell Gateways, powered by Intel, and deployed anywhere IoT equipment lives, typically referred to as the ‘edge’ of your network. Deploying on ruggedized hardware allows us to collect real-time machine information at location for real-time analysis and decision-making. Our partnership with both Dell and approved as an Intel Market Ready Solution™ allows the OpenData platform to easily integrate into existing Dell and Intel software and hardware offerings to adapt to your current configurations or enhance the IoT offerings.

Our Innovation Promise

OpenData was founded over a decade ago as a pioneer in machine analysis as a “Universal Application Gateway, and one of the first tools to monitor the health and efficiency of machines. Considered the original IoT for IT™ monitoring platform, we have continued to innovate our offering to apply to today’s needs by offering our IoT bundles in partnership with Industry leaders Dell and Intel, and their extended network of resellers.

Available Today

The OpenData IoT bundles are available today through 10’s of thousands of certified resellers and solution integrators within a variety of industries that have extensive experience deploying IoT offerings in your industry.

To read more about our IoT bundles or to schedule a demo please visit our solution bundles page here

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