Protocols & Gateways

OpenData uses protocol interface support, not device drivers to communicate with the networked infrastructure at the edge of the network. For non-networked equipment, Modius offers a serial to network gateway to connect the OpenData application to legacy hardware.

A brief summary of OpenData supported protocols

Simple Network Messaging Protocol is used to control and monitor IP network devices and ancillary equipment such as routers, switches and servers.

Machine to Machine industrial control protocol, commonly found in switching or single-variable sensor applications.

Building automation standard for access control, heating/cooling, fire, and security.

A wireless sensor networking technology based on the Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol (HART). Developed as a multi-vendor, interoperable wireless standard for the requirements of process field device networks.

Ethernet for Control Automation Technology – is an Ethernet-based fieldbus system, invented by Beckhoff Automation. The protocol is suitable for both hard and soft real-time requirements in automation technology.

CC-Link was originally developed by Mitsubishi and is a popular open-architecture, industrial network protocol in Japan and Asia. CC-Link is based on RS-485 and can connect with up to 64 nodes on the same network with speeds up to 10Mbps.

OpenData Serial Gateway

For equipment not accessible on the network, Modius provides a serial-to-network gateway (i.e., a data collector) to ensure that all equipment in the facility is fully monitored. OpenData also captures data from building and environmental management systems, thus enabling facility managers to leverage legacy systems.

Need more information?

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