Measuring PUE with Shared Resources, Part 1 of 2

Measuring PUE with Shared Resources Last week I wrote a little about measuring the total power in a data center, when all facility infrastructure are dedicated to supporting the data center. Another common situation is a data center in a mixed environment, such as a corporate campus or an office tower, at which the facility […]

Measuring PUE with Shared Resources, Part 2 of 2

PUE in an Imperfect World Last week I started discussing the instrumentation and measurement of PUE when the data center shares resources with other facilities. The most common shared resource is chilled water, such as from a common campus or building mechanical yard. We looked at the simple way to allocate a portion of the […]

The Power of DCIM is Power State Normalization – Part 1

Power State Normalization

Power Management is the root of DCIM and the foundation of managing a data center infrastructure. Other management tasks are irrelevant if the primary and backup power is offline. Power management can be a complex process of monitoring and managing not just a set of devices but an array of states and paths that collectively […]

Power Normalization – Part 2

Electric power cable for Server computer in datacenter

A powerful DCIM solution uses normalization to present a unified view of the power state of your assets, removing the need to process or interpret state and enabling you to focus on your job – managing your power distribution.

Fill the DCIM Power Gaps

Data Gaps – The hidden pitfall of Data Center monitoring. When your DCIM solution is deployed, and when every device that can be monitored IS monitored – there is a perception that monitoring has been maximized and that everything that can be done has been done – to avoid unexpected failures and downtime. That assumption […]