Common Myths About DCIM Software Debunked – Part I

Common Myths About DCIM Software Debunked Part I

In conversations with analysts and market research firms, they tell us that more companies are implementing data center infrastructure management, or DCIM, than ever before. The exponential growth of the DCIM market is a result of the rising demand for data center capacity and understanding how to harness those capabilities.

DCIM is critical to improving data center operating efficiency. It is becoming a priority for CIOs of practically all commercial firms that use data center services. The ability to import and understand unstructured data center data and import that into the IT environment has now become table stakes.

In this series we’d like to tackle some of these myths head on and enable you to find the right DCIM for you. Let’s begin with these four:

Myth 1. All You Need is DCIM to Monitor Your Data Center

A DCIM solution is not intended to be a replacement for your BMS or other systems. Instead, DCIM rides on top and collects essential data from them. DCIM, for example, offers a detailed image of what your cooling equipment is doing but has no control. A DCIM solution improves the performance of your other building systems.

The key here is finding a DCIM solution that easily integrates with these other systems. At Modius, we provide integration at the protocol level, and not the device level, designed from the ground up to ease integration.

Myth 2. All DCIM Providers are the Same

This is patently false. A DCIM tool’s value is directly related to its ability to solve your business problems, and no two businesses have the same problems. It’s critical to enter a conversation with a provider by discussing what your biggest challenges are. Only then will you know if their solution is a good fit. At Modius, we believe that completeness of solution is paramount, and we’ve got 12 different modules that address the full suite of customer issues, so we can put together the solution that’s right for your business.

Myth 3. DCIM is a Set-and-Forget Program

If a one-time, brief set-up that solves the difficulty of lowering running expenses, optimizing resource utilization, assuring customer happiness, and sustaining peak performance levels seems like a pipe dream – it is. DCIM implementation is a program, not a separate project, which is necessary since establishing a single source of truth cannot be accomplished in the blink of an eye.

DCIM is not a set it and forget it program. The activity and occupancy of a data center fluctuate, and its component pieces evolve, whether it is an enterprise, edge, colocation, or a geographically scattered operation. As a result, a DCIM must adapt to its environment, change, and get the continual care and attention required to do so.

At Modius, we go beyond what many solutions provide by delivering tested monthly updates that improve our implementation and deliver an insightful view of your operations. We provide real-time analytics through a single pane of glass, providing the tools necessary to always know what’s going on in your data center.

Myth 4. DCIM is Prohibitively Expensive

In the data center industry, DCIM is often viewed as an expense. However, the opportunity cost of not having a DCIM may be even more expensive. There are lots of individual solutions that solve parts of the problems faced by data center operators, but the opportunities that a great DCIM brings are both tactical and strategic.

The tactical considerations are operational, and it’s important to get them right. These include helping in making everyday data center operations more efficient, secure, and productive. This includes capabilities such as asset management and monitoring.

The strategic implications help you gain a competitive edge by identifying opportunities and threats before they impact data center operations) capabilities. These capabilities of a DCIM can save millions of dollars for a corporation. At Modius, we’ve been helping customers with DCIM solutions since 2007, providing them with a complete solution, turning cost centers into a strategic advantage. Some examples of these capabilities include our planning and integrated workflow modules.

Consider Modius® OpenData® DCIM

If you are looking for a next-generation DCIM solution that can help you better understand your data center’s status and opportunities efficiencies, consider Modius OpenData. OpenData provides integrated tools to manage the assets and performance of colocation facilities, enterprise data centers, and critical infrastructure.

OpenData is a ready-to-deploy DCIM featuring an enterprise-class architecture that scales incredibly well. In addition, OpenData gives you real-time, normalized, actionable data accessible through a single sign-on and a single pane of glass.

We are passionate about helping clients run more profitable data centers and providing operators with the best possible view into a managed facility’s data. We have been delivering DCIM solutions since 2007. We are based in San Francisco and are proudly a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB Certified). You can reach us at or 1-888.323.0066

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