“Smart” Data Center Infrastructure Management. IoT for IT (Post #1)

Bridging the gap between IoT and Asset Management By Sean Gately   Data centers have come a long way since their birth out of the necessity to house large Electronic Numerical Computers in the tracking of artillery for the United States Army. The need to isolate and care for complex electronic equipment and wiring is […]

Modius collaborates with Intel to reduce IoT deployment complexity and risk

Modius Joins the Intel Market Ready Solution Program (IMRS) Written by Sean Gately Commercial Infrastructure Monitoring has evolved over the past decade as the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a reality. As much of a buzzword that IoT is, it certainly carries the weight of a technology revolution and is initiating massive changes in […]

DCIM Leader Modius Announces New Leadership for OpenData®

New leadership

SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Modius Inc., a leading provider of Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions (DCIM), is proud to announce two Executive Team changes to help drive the continued growth of our flagship OpenData® product line. Mark Carberry will move to the newly created role of Vice President Solution Delivery. Carberry has been with Modius since […]

Integration, Updates & Device Drivers? Feels like it should be yesterday’s problem.

Using device drivers in DCIM solutions is outdated as modern hardware’s network connectivity and standardized protocols allow monitoring of any device without drivers, giving end-users more control, better monitoring, and more profitable data centers. Modius® OpenData® has been a protocol-based solution since its inception in 2007. Device Drivers Served a Purpose in the Early Phases […]

The Alarm Chatter Challenge

Navigating the complexities of managing a data center, with its myriad devices and alarm definitions, presents the challenge of prioritizing efforts amidst a constant stream of alarm data (aka nuisance alarms). While DCIM products offer support for alarm severity, addressing other aspects of alarm management such as value normalization and noise suppression becomes essential. Leveraging […]

Calculated Points Add Value to your DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) Solution

Calculated Points Add Value to your DCIM

Efficient data center management confronts hurdles such as missing values from vendor choices and device disparities, while industry standards for network monitoring lack consistency in defining minimum device support values. Traditional alarms tackle first-level issues but fall short in detecting nuanced changes, prompting the need for advanced calculated points treated akin to native device points, […]

Effortlessly Manage Colocation Challenges with OpenData® DCIM

Effortlessly Manage Colocation Challenges with OpenData® DCIM

Colocation hosting is a thriving successful business model that is seeing sharp growth worldwide. While this is an excellent business with outstanding growth opportunities, it brings with it several challenges for managing your data center colocation customers. There are significant challenges in resource tracking for billing and ensuring data transparency. While these challenges vary based […]