How we are partnering with Dell and Intel to simplify IoT monitoring

IoT Solution Bundles with Dell and Intel Today at VM world 2018 Dell announced a new program aimed at simplifying the complexity in extracting value from IoT solutions with their new “IoT connected bundles” program. As Dell mentions “The IoT Connected Bundles are a vital part of our commitment to investing in IoT”, “Dell Technologies has […]

Modius collaborates with Intel to reduce IoT deployment complexity and risk

Modius Joins the Intel Market Ready Solution Program (IMRS) Written by Sean Gately Commercial Infrastructure Monitoring has evolved over the past decade as the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a reality. As much of a buzzword that IoT is, it certainly carries the weight of a technology revolution and is initiating massive changes in […]

The Real-time Operational Intelligence Continuum Craig Compiano, President, Modius

“How can I manage my infrastructure?” We hear it all the time, from the C-Suite to business unit managers to the people that monitor systems. Servers, clouds, remote boxes, and mobile devices are complicated enough. Mix in a huge range of disparate legacy software and you’ve got a thorny problem. Today, everywhere you read, AI […]

Network Infrastructure Management: Why network operators need complete visibility into asset performance at the network edge.

The future is built on connectivity and connectivity is built on millions of individual edge locations: cell sites, data centers, mini data centers and specialized networks monitoring public and private infrastructure. These locations are connecting billions of edge devices, from cell phones to smart cameras to the autonomous vehicle ecosystem to sensors in just about […]

Why Modius OpenData Defines Smart Digital Infrastructure

This was overheard last week from a seasoned data center veteran: DCIM largely failed to live up to its past promises… What do you think? Another over-hyped hype cycle? The technologies of modern, “smart” infrastructure management weren’t available a decade ago — or were rare and unaffordable –or seen as unnecessary — or certainly not in […]

Normalizing Normalization

The world is an imperfect place, but it’s a fact of life for those of us managing critical infrastructure. When you combine that problem with the tsunami of disparate data sources involved in monitoring that infrastructure; the situation does not get easier. The world of choices by vendors and coders results in masking the use […]

Made It Myself

Standardized protocols are a lifesaver. Without them, hundreds of vendors would tackle device communication in hundreds of different ways, convinced their way is “the best way.” Fortunately, Modbus, SNMP, BACnet, and other protocols have become industry standards, and broad support has forced vendors to achieve some level of compliance. This is a massive win for […]

Why You Need Data Center Infrastructure Management

Data Center Infrastructure Management

Over the last few years, the data center infrastructure management (DCIM) phenomenon has soared. With many companies recognizing the low costs, reduced time, and high reliability of integrated systems, DCIM has become a key tool for keeping facilities running smoothly. How does DCIM operate and what are its broader effects on facility operations? If you […]

It’s My Legacy

Are you looking for even more resilience in DCIM? Take a look at our OpenData DCIM solution.

Living on the Edge

DCIM software

The Edge. The border, boundary, or transition point of your data. Data precariously hanging just outside your DCIM monitoring solution with a slew of diverse inputs.