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Download Modius White Paper: Practical Guidelines for Measuring Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

  • In search of an improved PUE
  • The power of PUE: Information and insight
  • PUE: How it's defined?
  • PUE 101: Starting with the Green Grid approach
  • The Modius approach to measuring PUE
  • Three recommended levels of instrumentation
  • Summary of Modius recommendations
  • The benefits of continuous and comprehensive PUE

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Modius offers practical guidelines for measuring and managing DC efficiency in the real world. Modius uniquely enables continuous and comprehensive measurement of PUE metrics.

Data center efficiency is largly a new topic in today’s industry. For any data center, PUE is the first step. Although it is a simple metric, the variety of instrumentation points, data collection methodologies and unique data center characteristics, makes the topic dynamic and potentially complicated. Modius offers this white paper to help DC managers to collect the right data from the right sources.