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Environmental Management

A consolidated and manageable set of usable metrics to support environmental decision-making

Historically, Data Centers and other environmentally sensitive facilities have been drastically over-provisioned to insure that unplanned downtime wasn’t the result of inadequate resources like power, space and cooling capacities. But as the price of energy has risen, the pressure to reduce operational costs has forced data center managers to find ways to improve the efficiency of cooling technology without risking heat related failures or reductions in the equipment’s useful life. The key to maximizing cooling efficiency is the availability of robust, multi-site, real-time environmental monitoring, providing the granular data needed to make informed decisions about the costs and risks associated with efficient power, space and cooling.
The OpenData Environmental Management Module (EMM) collects data in real-time from a combination of wired, wireless, and on-board sensors, creating a flexible sensor array to monitor and measure temperature, humidity, pressure and power. OpenData EMM provides a consolidated and manageable set of usable metrics to support environmental decision-making and superior automation of climate control systems.


  • Centralized collection of all environmental sensor data (temp, humidity, leak detection, security, etc.) across multiple data centers
  • Optional Support for Alarm and Event Management
  • Easy to deploy and maintain, no on-site coding or programming for low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Easy to integrate with other applications managing the data center


  • Superior environmental management using real data, not plate values
  • Provides dynamic feedback loop for automated climate control
  • Reduces unplanned downtime for equipment failures based on environmental issues

How it works

  • Data Center sensors are identified and OpenData device templates are used to pull the appropriate data points from each sensor being monitored
  • Collector software is configured to combine data points into useful metrics, normalize data and set performance monitoring thresholds
  • Collector software polls data from the environmental sensors in real-time and passes it back to the OpenData application for storage in the central database
  • End-users can use a variety of pre-configured reports or build custom dashboards to analyze cooling capacity and consumption or other environmental concerns (leak detection, humidity, etc.)
  • Rack temperature sensor data can be used to generate thermal maps over time
  • Environmental threshold violations can be passed to the OpenData Alarm and Event Management module or 3rd party monitoring applications


  • A comprehensive library of device templates for all sensor manufacturers
  • Support for wired and wireless sensors
  • Simple calculator interface for generating calculated data points from sensor data feeds (Average Temp = (SensorTemp1 + SensorTemp2 + SensorTemp3) / 3)
  • Built-in Reporting and Dashboard development tools
  • “Canned” reports for standard environmental metrics
  • Open database schema for supporting 3rd party BI and reporting packages

For more information on OpenData’s Environmental Management capabilities