Smart Building Asset Performance Management

Optimize building performance and lower facilities management costs

Modern building owners are looking for ways to improve efficiency, increase tenant comfort, and maintain the financial well being of your building.

Buildings are becoming more complex, with more interconnected devices and the massive amounts of data these devices generate. Building Management Systems (BMS) do a great job at providing metering dashboards and providing alerts when problems happen, but they may not be giving you the whole story.

The OpenData building analytics IoT platform  integrates into all of your existing IT and Operational building investments, and goes deeper into the data to find significant energy, efficiency, and operational savings, all while leveraging your existing investments.

Monitor your entire building ecosystem

The OpenData Smart Building Asset Performance platform integrates major building operations such as power usage, communications, HVAC and and environmental data to provide the building operations team with a 24×7 view into asset performance in a unified single pane of glass. 

Increase operational performance by understanding the entire data story of your smart building.

OpenData natively integrates into your existing IT systems and building management systems and begins monitoring instantly. We augment traditional building management systems (BMS) and building automation systems (BAS) by integrating multiple systems and assets into a single pane of glass, and acting as the monitor of monitors to assist building operators in reducing costs, increasing sustainability, and prolonging equipment life. 

Our deep level integration actively analyzes , power, cooling, air quality, power usage location and health of your entire building asset system, and warns you of any potential conflicts (e.g. temperature sensors are miscalculated not allowing proper cooling) that could have disastrous outcomes. And because we monitor actively monitor equipment over time we can help you predict when outages or events will happen. 

Key features

Real-time monitoring 

Alarms and alerts for all equipment and devices related to the power chain, as well as indoor air quality, asset performance status, and asset usage.

Easy Implementation

OpenData comes pre-bundled on validated hardware, so you can roll out fast and begin monitoring in  hours.  

Fast Integration

Monitoring an entire building ecosystem means a diverse set of devices, protocols and legacy equipment software. OpenData’s out-of-the-box protocol integration and  available API’s mean you can connect to more things faster.  

Remote Management

Whether your managing one building ecosystem or hundreds, OpenData allows for real-time visualization and segmentation of all of your physical location and assets. 

Automated Fault Detection

OpenData utilizes artificial intelligence and advanced data analysis to leverage capabilities within building control systems to detect unwanted faults.

Advanced Security

For the security conscious building operator we’ve built a platform that encrypts data locally, manages tight access control, and can be fully deployed onsite in a closed system. 

Architecture and Design

We know every building is unique, which is why we begin with your objectives and desired outcomes to help you design the requirements of a smart building solution that is customized and works for your needs. 


OpenData integrates with a diverse set of connectivity technologies to provide  physical devices monitoring . From local LAN’s, Bluetooth real-time location, or cellular NBIoT, to satellite SIM devices, we make tracking a diverse set of assets easy. 

Asset Management Support

Works seamlessly with OpenData’s Asset Management Module to track building assets with UI mapping and real-time location based services. 

Edge-based Analytics

Local real-time monitoring utilizing the latest in  predictive monitoring, so you know of potential issues in your building ecosystem before they happen. 


OpenData is the industry’s only fully distributed monitoring solution for gathering real-time performance metrics from across a network of building and IT infrastructure. It offers alarming and event management capabilities across all operational and IT equipment in your smart building, all collected and analyzed at the edge.

OpenData gives you the early warning you need  by providing an end-to-end  infrastructure monitoring system that actively polls smart building devices and systems to warn operators of impending concerns like increased power usage in HVAC systems, environmental comfort issues, and early detection of physical access violations or fire safety warnings. 

Power Chain Mapping

OpenData Power Management provides the ability to build a virtual model of the power chain in your smart building. Every link in the chain, from the utility feed, to servers in the racks are modeled in software and optionally configured for real-time data collection of performance and power metrics. Once the power chain is configured and connected, it can be used to instantly identify load imbalances and locate failing power infrastructure.

Panel Management

OpenData Power Management provides the ability to build a virtual model of individual power panels in your power chain. The software supports panel definition and configuration for the number and arrangement of circuit breakers in the panel. Individual circuit breakers can be monitored for power and performance metrics to support “bill back” invoicing for energy usage and event handling for fault detection.

Fail-over Analysis

Once the Power Chain has been modeled, it can be used to assess fail-over conditions for any node in the chain and test redundancy strategies to insure that all downstream assets have adequate power to continue operation in the case of a failure. When PCM is used in conjunction with our Asset Management Module, this power data can be used to verify valid equipment connections, warn the operator of equipment changes that violate power capacity thresholds and report on assets and applications that would be affected by any power related failure.

Creating a Smart(er) building with Open Data

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Energy Savings with OpenData

This technology company saved $262,000 annually using OpenData

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