Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT)

Data Collection & Analysis at the Edge
using Modius OpenData

The OpenData IoT platform from Modius delivers a complete solution for collecting data at the edge of the network and turning it into actionable information. OpenData does all the heavy lifting; communicating with all types of devices from every manufacturer, normalizing data across all devices, building calculated data points and metrics, and securely passing that data to your IoT applications.

This powerful software suite includes everything you need to collect data from all classes of networked and non-networked equipment.

OpenData IoT Overview

See how OpenData can monitor your most critical IoT critical infrastructure. 

Edge Data Center Monitoring

See how Edge Computing is changing the way data centers are deployed, and how to effectively monitor the edge. 

Key features

Collect data from everything

Easily connect and pull data from sensors, devices, applications, IT and Telco equipment, (even non-networked equipment), using our library of device templates and software-based collectors

Collect data from everywhere

Our highly scalable, distributed architecture provides real-time data collection across globally dispersed locations and facilities.

Turn data into information

Automated data normalization, time synchronization and the ability to combine data into useful metrics, provides correlated information for superior decision making.

Just in time delivery

Deliver information to the right people at the right time using our integrated report distribution and Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities

Integrate with everything

Share this information with other management applications (BMS, CMDB, ITSM, Etc.) using our documented API’s and Web Services.

Before there was the Internet of Things, there was OpenData

No matter what IoT application you are building, from automated crop watering to autonomous car routing, you need accurate and timely data to deliver a successful solution. Before IoT, we designed OpenData from the ground up to collect data at the edge of your network in real-time, from every device type and from all manufacturers. Our highly scalable, distributed architecture and template approach to device connection and data extraction make OpenData the ideal platform for your IoT project.

Integration Support

No IoT application stands alone, data flows between devices, control applications and other systems in the IoT ecosystem. We built OpenData to be “open”, providing a full suite of API’s and Web Services to insure that other applications can access OpenData functionality and retrieve data on-demand.


OpenData on Dell’s Gateway

See why Dell selected OpenData for their IoT Gateway.

IoT Asset Management Information Brief


The internet of things applications and services are becoming a critical component to modern day businesses. Managing and protecting these assets will be a critical part of any IoT strategy moving forward.

Download our product overview of  the Modius OpenData for IoT equipment solution brief. IoT for IT overview.

This quick information sheet describes the need to bring compute power closer to IoT equipment, and process of monitoring these distributed locations.

Download Overview

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