Superior Operational Intelligence

for Data Centers & Mission Critical Facilities

The Best Data Center Infrastructure Management Platform

OpenData from Modius delivers complete operational intelligence based on real-time data for superior management of data centers and facilities. OpenData is a highly scalable IoT software platform designed to collect the unstructured “big data” that is generated from all the infrastructure, sensors, applications, and IT equipment found in today’s modern data centers and facilities. We use this real-time data to enable smarter management decisions, reduce operational risks and provide a superior solution for Data Center Infrastructure Management, (DCIM).

Monitor Critical Infrastructure

This powerful software suite includes everything you need to collect data from all classes of networked and non-networked equipment, with optional modules to provide specific DCIM functionality.

Collect data from everything

Easily connect and pull data from sensors, devices, applications, IT and Telco equipment, (even non-networked equipment), using our library of device templates and software-based collectors.

Collect data from everywhere

Our highly scalable, distributed architecture provides real-time data collection across globally dispersed locations and facilities.

Turn data into information

Automated data normalization, time synchronization and the ability to combine data into useful metrics, provides correlated information for superior decision making.

Just in time delivery

Deliver information to the right people at the right time using our integrated report distribution and Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities.

Integrate with everything

Share this information with other management applications (BMS, CMDB, ITSM, Etc.) using our documented API’s and Web Services

IT Modernization

The data world looks much different today than it did even 10 y ears ago. With connected everything, new software and services, and customer demands IT has had to evolve at a rapid place. Modernization allows business to use more data to innovate faster and become more competitive. OpenData is here to help you monitor your future network.


Virtualized computing, software defined storage, and next generation data centers. OpenData works with you to monitor your next generation network

Software Defined

Many companies are moving toward software-defined data centers (SDDC). OpenData works with companies to build out their SDDC initiatives, and keep critical infrastructure running.

Edge REady

Latency hungry IoT equipment and services are pushing IT and Facility infrastructure closer to the equipment. OpenData deploys to the edge to monitor ALL equipment in real-time.

Machine Learning

Go way beyond alerts and triggers. OpenData uses advanced machine learning algorithms to unlock key insights to assist with energy savings, preventive maintenance, and machine efficiency.

Real-time Operational Intelligence for DCIM

No matter what level of Data Center Infrastructure Management you are looking to implement, having OpenData as the foundation of your DCIM project will yield far superior accuracy and better operational decisions over solutions that can’t collect real-time data, or uses performance estimates. Our data-driven software provides the real-time data needed to make reliable, accurate decisions for all functions associated with data center infrastructure management.

Integration Support

We understand that DCIM isn’t the only application that helps the data center operate at peak efficiency. That’s why we built OpenData to be “open”, providing a full suite of API’s and Web Services to insure that other applications can access OpenData functionality and retrieve data on-demand.

Modular Approach

No two organizations are alike, and the same applies to how organizations implement data center management solutions. Built with an emphasis on flexibility, OpenData is an open IoT data collection platform, with modules to support different functionality in the DCIM stack. As your data center management needs grow, OpenData’s modules will provide the right solution, supported by real-time data collection for superior operational intelligence.


Event Management

Offers core alarming and event management across all data center infrastructure.

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Asset Management

Provides comprehensive lifecycle management for all data center assets, with visual documentation for physical location, network and power connections and sub-assets

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Power Management

Allows for the creation of an exact model of you data center’s power infrastructure with or without real-time power data

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Environmental Management

Monitor temperature, humidity and related metrics in the data center, create thermal maps to identify hotspots

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N+1 Event Monitoring using OpenData

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Energy Savings with OpenData

This technology company saved $262,000 annually using OpenData

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