Our pricing model for OpenData is pretty simple. We don’t charge for seats or the square footage of your facility, we license our server application based on the number of devices under management (small, medium, and large) and allow you to select the functionality that best fits your needs (modules).

Pricing Model

Each device under management is assigned a class and those classes represent different price points for charges to store and manage these devices using OpenData. For example, a CRAC unit has a different classification than a sensor, and we charge slightly more to store and manage CRAC equipment in OpenData than we charge for each sensor in your facility.

We don’t charge for our collector software or charge for the number of data points collected from each device like some of our competitors. You only pay for what you need, with the ability to add functionality and scalability as you go!

Hosted Options

Some organizations prefer the ease and flexibility of Software as a Service (SaaS) for DCIM and other enterprise applications. Modius provides a hosted version of OpenData for customers that want real-time operational intelligence for the management of their facilities, but don’t have the time or expertise to successfully implement this solution. We can offer everything from simple OpenData software hosting, to turn-key implementations using Modius professional services to install, configure and manage device monitoring, DCIM and IoT applications for your organization.

Our hosted SaaS implementation of OpenData also provides the ability to offer virtual Proof of Concept (vPOC) trials for organizations that would like to evaluate the software before buying.

For more information on Pricing or the OpenData’s vPOC program, please contact us.