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OpenData is a Real-time Operational Intelligence (RtOI) platform offering IT and OT real-world insights into the operational performance of their sensors and equipment, offering a real-time view into how the equipment is being used, allowing for informed decisions making about your smart-assets under management.

OpenData provides an affordable path to get key insights into your IoT environment  by offering a way to integrate into all legacy and new equipment,quickly allowing your team to visualize, analyze, and explore the data, regardless of device or application type. OpenData is and end to end integration and monitoring system which helps your team uncover hidden efficiencies in your telemetric machine data.

The Asset Management Module

for OpenData

The Asset Management Module for OpenData provides data center and IT facilities managers with the ability to clearly visualize their assets and infrastructure, manage the placement of this equipment, and make informed capacity management decisions as new equipment is deployed and old equipment is retired.

OpenData provides insights into data, with active polling and the ability to analyze and visualize live data, you see how your equipment is operating as it is operating.

Do you know how efficient your machines are at any given time? How about over a time-period? Open Data supplies visual analysis tools see to see your equipment efficiency in real-time or compare against a time-period.

Automated fault detection and custom alerts to notify you quickly if we detect an efficiency drop or potential issue with any of your monitored equipment.

OpenData integrates advanced user define custom reports and data mining into our core application stack, so you can integrate, monitor, visualize and report on any equipment data.

OpenData provides users the ability to see the health of their entire IoT ecosystem of devices and sensors with user configurable dashboards. Drill down into individual sensors to see telemetry data on each piece of equipment. 

More features

Features of OpenData Asset Management

Integrated Analytics

Easy Visualization of Real-Time and Time Series Data

Enterprise-Wide View

Multi-site Dashboards: Track enterprise-wide view of IT/Facilities performance

Device Chain Analytics

Follow device data through the entire interconnected chain

Machine Learning

User configurable unsupervised machine learning algorithms to better understand your machine interactions

Predictive Analytics

Determine expected or "predicted" behavior based on past usage and current conditions

Environmental Tracking

OpenData tracks outside environmental and sensor data which could cause a material impact on your equipment

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