Data Center Summit 2024

June 11-13, 2024
Virtual Event

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How DCIM Is Evolving to Meet Future Data Center Requirements

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) has become an integral part of the fabric of facility operations. This session will examine how DCIM tools now have an even greater role in enabling operators to manage and optimize infrastructure.

Moderated by Modius CEO Craig Compiano

Along with monitoring and measurement of critical resources, such as power of the utility, backup and renewable varieties, the panel will also discuss how DCIM has an increasingly strong role to play in sustainability/ESG tracking imperatives, as data centers hurtle headlong toward decarbonized and net zero operations.
The session will also consider how new DCIM tools are hitting the fiber “sweet spot” in traditional areas of network interconnection, and how the scalable rise of AI and modular edge implementations is also thickening the plot in the continuing story of the evolution of DCIM for hyperscale and colocation data centers.

Modius provides solutions for managing critical facilities’ availability, capacity, and efficiency. Our flagship product, OpenData, provides all the tools, including DCIM, needed to manage mission-critical infrastructure performance, including seamless integration of disparate devices. In addition, OpenData has built-in integrated features for analytics, dashboards, graphical views, and more, all in a “single pane of glass.”