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iot Solution Bundles

Modius’s Market ready solution bundles for IoT equipment deployments supercharge your time to value by offering readily configured bundles that area ready to deploy today.


Do you need an IoT solution that will takes days instead of months or years to get value from? OpenData is the solution for you, supplying everything you need to get started with your IoT monitoring today so you can see value today.

Optimized for you

Each bundled solution is optimized with the features and hardware needed for your specific applications. From Smart buildings to Smart cities, we have you covered.


From sensors to dashboards, OpenData is offers a comprehensive platform for integrating > extracting, normalizing > locating > analyzing and reporting on your IoT equipment health. Whew.

Deploy Rapidly

Our open API's are pre-configured to integrate into most popular protocol natively and deploy rapidly. Want to integrate into something we don't connect to? Don't worry, our integration development platform allows us to build connections rapidly.

Validated. Industry Proven.

Intel Market Ready

Modius OpenData is a validated Intel Market Ready Solution. Offering pre-configured bundles for IoT and Powered by Intel. 

Powered by Dell

Modius is part of the Dell IoT Solution Bundle program, and pre-installed on ruggedized Dell Gateways and PC’s ready to deploy today.

Ready to ship

OpenData is readily available  for purchase through 10’s of thousands of resellers and solution integrators today.

Pre-Configured IoT Bundles

Data Centers

Smart(er) Data Center Infrastructure Management. Power and cooling efficiency and what-if modeling

Energy and Utilities

Energy operators need real-time decision monitoring of distributed energy resources and equipment


Remote Asset Management and Motoring, preventive maintenance of assets and operational efficiency


Farms are increasingly benefiting from advances from technology and interconnected devices and equipment. OpenData helps farms grow.

Smart Cities

Smart Cars, Smart Roadways, even smart benches! Your city is becoming technology driven, let OpenData monitor your Smart-City IoT infrastructure

Life Sciences

From smart manufacturing reducing scrap and saving costs, to improving product quality and customer satisfaction, OpenData can help

Smart Buildings

As a building operator you want you unlock hidden efficiencies, maintain guest comfort, and optimize building operations with OpenData in real-time

Branch Locations

Your offering depends on your ability to manage remote branch assets and keep them up and running. OpenData helps you monitor everything centrally

Industry 4.0

From smart manufacturing reducing scrap and saving costs, to improving product quality and customer satisfaction, OpenData can help

IoT In-a-box
turn-key repeatable value

Remove complexity and extract more value out of your Iot data. Download our free whitepaper on getting IoT deployments in the shortest time while recognizing amazing ROI

Buildings & Infrastructure

Edge Ready

OpenData is deployedto the edge, where IoT equipment lives. Our software is pre-installed on industrial ready gateways and PC’s, allowing your team the opportunity to monitor local IoT data in real time. 

OpenData integrates into your IoT “smart equipment” and sensors, collecting real-time telemetry data, normalizing this at the edge, allowing you to see the health of your equipment when and where it has the most impact. 

Just the right size

OpenData is conveniently bundled into  packages for each vertical use case, ensuring that we have the right solution for your project at the right cost. 


Base solution

  • Deploy Fast
  • Includes Hardware
  • Low Cost
  • 1 Year Support


IoT Ready

  • IoT Ready
  • Edge Hardware
  • Sensors
  • Advanced Support



  • More Power
  • Expandable
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Immensely Scalable

For more information

Contact us and we can schedule a personal demonstration of OpenData for you.