Modular Approach

Modius modular approach

Built with an emphasis on flexibility, OpenData is an open IoT data collection platform, with modules and configurations to support different functionality for solving issues for data center and facility management. As your management needs grow, OpenData’s modules will provide the right solution, supported by real-time data collection for superior operational intelligence.


Event Management

Offers core alarming and event management across all data center infrastructure

Asset Management

Provides comprehensive lifecycle management for all data center assets, with visual documentation for physical location, network and power connections and sub-assets

Power Management

Allows for the creation of an exact model of you data center’s power infrastructure with or without real-time power data

Environmental Management

Monitor temperature, humidity and related metrics in the data center, create thermal maps to identify hotspots.

Energy Management

Baseline your current energy consumption and measure the results of energy saving operational changes using real-time metrics

Advanced Analytic

Use our integrated BI tool to build dashboards and visualize your data using our extended High-Chart library

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