Modius Coffee Talk: Live IoT Education Series

What is coffee talk?

What if you could have a cup of coffee with an IoT industry expert that just so happened to know all about the challenges and solutions to a large project you were working on. What would you ask, and what information would you find useful in this short conversation.

Coffee talk aims to change the format of what you expect out of live online webinar by focusing on solutions you can implement today, in clear dialogue, with some of the sharpest minds working on real world internet of things projects.

Join us for an upcoming 30 minute coffee talk presentation


Upcoming Webinars

Edge Computing: IoT for IT

Best practices of monitoring infrastructure at the edge

Join us as we discuss the growing trend of distributing compute power and how to effectively manage data centers and facility equipment at the edge.

Modius CEO Craig Compiano Presents

Smart Building Analytics: What you need to know

Maintaining building operations at peak efficiency

Your Building Control Systems (BMS), and other dashboards do a great job at alerting you to issues, but what are you missing by not analyzing your entire data ecosystem?


Analyzing brownfield equipment dark data

Unlocking the value in legacy equipment

It’s estimated that a large percentage of industrial and IT equipment is not currently being monitoring. What happens when you bring these online and start analyzing legacy equipment.


Featured Speaker

Craig Compiano is an expert business manager and entrepreneur with extensive executive management experience and a track record for developing successful businesses. He brings to the company and the industry, 30 years experience in business and systems development, operations, and finance. His prior accomplishments in software development for large commercial and public sector clients during his tenure at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) led to his current concentration on operational systems development and performance analytics for data centers, and the founding of Modius.

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Stay up to date on all things IoT monitoring with Modius and our IoT partner network. We routinely host relevant impact driven webinars which can help you migrate through the ever growing complexity of the Internet of Things.

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“Our goal is to have a single pane of glass in the NOC to monitor trending information regarding all our energy resources for all our centers. OpenData provides a unified view and dashboard to alert us to any issues at any critical points in our data centers. It’s helping us grow and save labor costs, with a much higher level of actionable operational intelligence.” Bobby Brown Vice President of Operations GoGrid, Inc.
Modius Customer GoGrid
Bobby Brown
Vice President Operations