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Powerful, all in one software for network and infrastructure monitoring

As a network operator you have likely witnessed the explosion of connected devices as you modernize your network infrastructure. The push to incorporate a growing list of new equipment, all while managing the health of your legacy assets has created the need for a comprehensive monitoring strategy. OpenData accomplishes this goal by providing a sophisticated and powerful solution aimed at simplifying network management. Simple. Secure. Evolved. 

Unified Equipment Views

See the status of your entire network down to the device and point level from a single web interface. Easily drill down to equipment full diagnostic.

Fault Management

Automatically detect, identify, prioritize and troubleshoot faults based on real-time threshold monitoring, and historical time-series data capture.

Easy Device Integration

Full service SNMP for device management. OpenData supports all common OT protocols to rapidly integrate new and legacy equipment for monitoring.

Intelligent Alarm Routing

Route alarms to the appropriate personnel groups by region, alarm, type or severity. Powerful procedural workflows for alarms and notifications.

Data Optimization

OpenData's edge-based data management architecture allows for local monitoring and local data processing, thereby reducing data-latency issues.

Built-in HelpDesk

Automatically create helpdesk support tickets based on alarm events. Provides an easy way to track relevant incident information.

Turn-key remote monitoring. Simple. Secure. Evolved.

Single network-wide views

All the information you need to manage the health of your network on one screen. Utilize global summary views, or drill down to the device level to see specific alarm information. 

Edge Fault Analysis

Reduce bandwidth and increase personnel performance by utilizing local fault analysis and intelligent vicinity based alarm routing. OpenData deploys to where your equipment lives and analyzes health locally in real-time.

Simplified Deployment

OpenData was designed to deploy quickly by integrating  all device protocols rapidly. We offer a cascading feature set which allows you to reduce software complexity for simple applications, and add  functionality as the need arises. 

IoT Platform Components

Network Monitoring Brief

Learn how OpenData helps operators keep network equipment running at peak reliability. Download our Solution brief today.

Modern Edge Architecture

Highly scalable Architecture that grows with your network

Open Data was designed with modern day telecommunication networks in mind. Our localized approach to data collection gives you best-in-class real-time information that is highly scalable. 

Reduce Complexity with IoT Monitoring in 10 Steps 

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Energy Savings with OpenData

This technology company saved $262,000 annually using OpenData