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IoT Solutions for Buildings & Infrastructure

Office building and commercial space developers early on realized that controlling environmental systems in their buildings could provide significant cost savings and efficiency gains, but the cost of purchasing and implementing a Building Management System (BMS) was prohibitive for all but the largest properties. With the proliferation of less expensive sensor technology and wide adoption of Internet-based connectivity, Smart buildings based on the Internet of Things (IoT) is a reality for every property, large and small.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and specifically the OpenData Platform, is poised to revolutionize the building management by connecting all devices (networked and legacy), software systems and people to the data needed to make smarter, faster decisions for better management of building operations, security and energy. OpenData collects the big data generated by power infrastructure, cooling systems, HVAC equipment, environmental sensors, security systems, and other devices involved in the building management process, normalizes and stores it in a central database, and provides a suite of analytic tools for turning the data into actionable insight and automated control.

IoT Benefits

Real-time Operational Intelligence

Aggregating data from various systems, devices, and people to get a holistic view into building management operations, including data drill-down for root cause analysis, providing faster and better decision-making and higher levels of operational performance.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Minimizes downtime and avoids potential failures by enabling detailed monitoring of equipment condition and operating parameters. Automatically triggers alerts and provides multiple levels of escalation for swift problem resolution.

Power Sub-Metering

Easily connect to building power infrastructure to meter power usage for individual tenants.

Data Normalization

Connecting silos of operational data from various systems, assets and people across all properties into a normalized format to gain real-time visibility into operational performance, productivity and quality.

Predictive Analytics

Delivers proactive information to decision makers to improve quality and performance of complex manufacturing processes. The implementation of predictive analytics also makes it possible to identify potential equipment failures and apply fast corrective action.

OpenData for IoT

The OpenData Platform provides all the pieces you need to collect data from the edge of the network and turn it into actionable information.  OpenData does all the heavy lifting, communicating with all types of devices from every manufacturer, normalizing data between devices, building calculated points and metrics and securely passing data to your IoT application.

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