IoT Solutions for Agriculture

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling the transformation of the Agriculture industry by providing farmers with the data they need to address a growing list of challenges.  Population growth figures are skyrocking with estimates of a 70% increase in global population over the next 30 years.  With dwindling water supplies, limited land availability, and increasing production costs, farmers need to apply technology to address these issues while improving quality, yield and the cost effectiveness to achieve a higher level of agricultural production.

IoT offers farmers the ability to leverage real-time data collected in the field to provide insight and operational intelligence for better decision making and proactive management. The Modius OpenData platform provides a highly scalable architecture for collecting millions of data points at the edge of the network. This data can control actions in the field and then be transferred to a central database where our built-in analytics and reporting functionality can be applied to easily visualize trends and take proactive measures.

IoT Benefits

For Agricultural applications, IoT benefits include remote monitoring of soil moisture, irrigation and harvesting control, crop growth monitoring and livestock management.

Data Collection and Analysis

As the number of Internet connected devices increases, (projected at 50 Billion by 2020), the requirement for high-speed data collection and efficient storage becomes paramount. Once collected and stored, this data only becomes truly valuable once it is analyzed and turned into actionable metrics. Advanced analytics allow farmers to achieve this by automatically converting machine data into key performance indicators for triggering alerts or automated processes.

Other Data Sources

For the Agricultural industry, IoT’s data can be combined with 3rd party information (weather service feeds) to help farmers make better informed operational decisions. OpenData’s built-in analytics and dashboard creation tools make it easy to integrate data from multiple sources to build a complete picture of farming operations.

Remote Monitoring and Control

IoT technology affords farmers the ability to monitor operational conditions and control production, remotely from almost anywhere.  Farm operators can check the status of soil conditions, control irrigation and harvesting equipment, or control livestock feed levels in real time from any Internet enabled device (Smart Phone, Tablet, or PC). The implementation of predictive analytics makes it possible to identify potential equipment failures and enact swift corrective action. In short, IoT remote monitoring and control provides farmers with functionality that can increase productivity and efficiency, reduce machine downtime, and lower production costs.

OpenData for IoT

The OpenData Platform provides all the pieces you need to collect data from the edge of the network and turn it into actionable information.  OpenData does all the heavy lifting, communicating with all types of devices from every manufacturer, normalizing data between devices, building calculated points and metrics and securely passing data to your IoT application.

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