Power Management

OpenData Power Management

Data Center and Facility operators are tasked with ensuring maximum uptime, minimizing utility costs, and ensuring adequate power capacity exists to support an ever-changing allocation of equipment, systems and devices. The power distribution infrastructure must be managed to provide a nimble response to business requirements that maintain operational momentum and a competitive edge.

The key to infrastructure optimization & agile support of business initiatives

Data Center and Facility operators are tasked with managing a dynamic set of technology requirements to meet corporate goals. Knowing exactly where capacity exists for new equipment deployment or equipment relocation without jeopardizing service level agreements, is critical for rapid response to business requirements. Advanced Power Management is the key to infrastructure optimization and agile support of business initiatives.

Key features

Real-time monitoring

Alarms and alerts for all equipment and devices related to the power chain

Interactive Software Model of Power Infrastructure

Complete documentation of your entire power chain, from utility to servers

Multiple Power Utilization Values

Manufacturer’s Rated, De-rated, User Specified, Measured Real-time, or Downstream Power Feed Aggregates

Power Chain Visualization

Detailed view of complete or partial power chain with drill-down on individual nodes

Load Balancing Analysis

Instantly visualize power load imbalances for electrical panels and rack PDU’s.

Circuit Redundancy Definitions

Defines correct mapping for power flow in architectures with redundant paths

Redundancy and Load Testing

Interactively test the effect of adding orsubtracting load or simulating equipment failures

Provisioned Circuits

Provides the ability to assign power usage to customers or end-users to support bill-back reporting

Asset Management Support

Works seamlessly with OpenData’s Asset Management Module to prevent power-related service interruptions caused by equipment changes

Built-in Analytics

Canned reports and dashboards for Power metrics and KPI’s


OpenData is the industry’s only fully distributed monitoring solution for gathering real-time performance metrics from across a network of power infrastructure. It offers alarming and event management capabilities across all power devices and equipment in your data center, and at the edge of your network.

OpenData gives you the early warning you need by providing an end-to-end power infrastructure monitoring system that actively polls every device (both IP-based & serial) in the power chain. The advantages of the Modius approach include Intelligent Alarms based on configurable computations. Rather than generate an overflow of low-level alerts, OpenData sends you only the alarms you need when they matter most.

Power Chain Mapping

OpenData Power Management provides the ability to build a virtual model of the power chain in your data center or facility. Every link in the chain, from the utility feed, to servers in the racks are modeled in software and optionally configured for real-time data collection of performance and power metrics. Once the power chain is configured and connected, it can be used to instantly identify load imbalances and locate failing power infrastructure.

Panel Management

OpenData Power Management provides the ability to build a virtual model of individual power panels in your power chain. The software supports panel definition and configuration for the number and arrangement of circuit breakers in the panel. Individual circuit breakers can be monitored for power and performance metrics to support “bill back” invoicing for energy usage and event handling for fault detection.

Fail-over Analysis

Once the Power Chain has been modeled, it can be used to assess fail-over conditions for any node in the chain and test redundancy strategies to insure that all downstream assets have adequate power to continue operation in the case of a failure. When PCM is used in conjunction with our Asset Management Module, this power data can be used to verify valid equipment connections, warn the operator of equipment changes that violate power capacity thresholds and report on assets and applications that would be affected by any power related failure.

N+1 Event Monitoring using OpenData

Three separate use cases for using OpenData Event monitoring in this technology company’s data center

Energy Savings with OpenData

This technology company saved $262,000 annually using OpenData

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