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Rotating Equipment Performance Monitoring

Understanding the health of your equipment to reduce downtime due to unscheduled maintenance and repairs are great goals for any energy operation.

OpenData is deployed at the edge of your network, providing real-time health status of field-machinery. Analyzing operational data helps users diagnose and prevent issues such as phase imbalance, wet stacking, and dead-heading, all which can significantly impact operations due to downtime. An early-warning detection system provides field engineers significant views that alert them to problems such as temperature anomalies, blockages, and bearing wear which go unnoticed until a catastrophic event occurs.

By capturing real-time operation data, field maintenance can be drastically improved to better maintain uptime for critical, revenue generating equipment. 

Improve Operations with Analytics

With OpenData Massive amounts of data can be analyzed within seconds, offering unprecedented views into equipment operational health and offering early warning detection of potential problems such as:

• Phase unbalancing
• Debris analysis (Sulfation, Nitration detection)
• Battery discharge rate and expected life
• Excessive power usage
• Deadheading risk
• Inadequate cooling
• Out of spec warnings
• Past due maintenance
• Phase imbalance
•  And much more

Prevent Critical Outages

The OpenData platform goes beyond
traditional condition monitoring by
providing advanced performance-based
preventative maintenance.
Using advanced analytics, OpenData
provides visibility to a full spectrum of
operating conditions site-wide, exposing
more actionable data to assist in your
maintenance planning and repair efforts.

Get Results

Measure – Extract insights directly from your equipment  and logs, offering unprecedented insights into machine health.

Diagnose – Understand equipment fault severity with in-depth fault information allowing you  to formulate the right equipment repair steps.

Act – Create your repair and testing plan. Understand asset location, fault history and impact analysis from one centralized view.  

Enhance – Utilize past fault data to understand and prevent similar issues from happening again

Remote visibility

Remote visibility into all site equipment data, including drill down into historical logged performance metrics.

fast integration

Integrate easily into SCADA control systems, serial-based assets, and translates OT protocols quickly and securely.

asset tracking

Group fixed devices by site, and utilize real time location services (RTLS) for mobile high value equipment.

intelligent alarms

Utilize OpenData's built-in userdefined alarm thresholds to reduce unnecessary notifications, and deploy intelligent work-flow routing rules to deliver alerts to the right personnel.

increase efficiency

Reduce vehicle fuel, labor, and maintenance costs by providing fewer on-site emergency visits with proactive monitoring.

prevent repeat failure

Faults happen. Deploy OpenData to collect, analyze and store information on historical equipment outages, allowing your engineers to determine the root causes of equipment failure.

extend equipment life

Easily extend equipment life by utilizing powerful visual analysis tools of sensor-based variables such as heat, vibration, mechanical friction, leakage and more.

reduce complexity

The OpenData advanced reporting systems goes beyond traditional SCADA reporting. With deep analysis of log data captured over time operators can discover areas to reduce costs and plan downtime.

Advanced Reporting

OpenData has built in decision analytics reporting, so you can determine why something happened with intuitive charging, visual analytics and business intelligence, as well as Future event monitoring for what-if modeling and system optimization with predictive analytics. 

System Interoperability and Monitoring

Mckinsey Global Institute bleives 40% of Io T value will be enabled by system interoperability by 2020. OpenData leverages your existing IT and Operations systems to act as the monitors of monitors. By leverage your existing systems we reach further into your data stack, and provide more analytical value for the health of your device data. 

Integration Support

No IoT application stands alone, data flows between devices, control applications and other systems in the IoT ecosystem. We built OpenData to be “open”, providing a full suite of API’s and Web Services to insure that other applications can access OpenData functionality and retrieve data on-demand.


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