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Telco Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

As a Telecommunications provider you helped invent the Internet of Things. Some may say that Telco’s are the original IoT provider and best positioned to profit in our growing connected world, after all you have been connecting devices and monitoring millions of bits of data for longer than anyone else. 

Telco is going way beyond supplying data and voice to end user consumers and moving into critical device connectivity and data transfer for corporate and industrial clients with offerings like Narrow-band IoT (NBIoT), LTE, 5G, dedicated private networks, which means you’re  deploying more critical infrastructure than ever before. 

With OpenData we can monitor the health of this critical infrastructure easily, allowing you to concentrate on connectivity and data while we manage your backbone efficiency. 


When critical infrastructure can’t go down, OpenData is here to help.

OpenData natively integrates into your existing Telco systems and begins monitoring instantly. OpenData is deployed to where your equipment lives, at the edge, and begins analyzing massive amounts of time-series data in real-time to provide areas of improvement and automatedalert on potential faults in your critical systems. 

Our deep level integration actively monitors, power, cooling, energy,  and predictive maintenance for all of your telecommunications and supporting equipment, warning you of any potential conflicts (e.g. external temperature sensors are miscalculated or detrimental power fluctuations) that could have disastrous outcomes. And because we integrate into your existing Telco systems as well as all of your physical infrastructure, our advanced machine learning algorithms can look deeper and wider into your operations to prevent outages and offer efficiency improvements  . 

Key features

Real-time monitoring

Get a real time view into all equipment and devices in your telecommunications systems

Interactive Software Model of Telco Infrastructure

Complete documentation of your entire Telco chain, from utility to servers

Energy Optimization

Location, equipment type, cooling, all play a role in your energy optimization. OpenData can help you reduce energy costs

System Fault detection

Analyze millions of points of interconnected system data to automatically send alerts on potential faults

Redundancy and Load Testing

Interactively test the effect of adding or subtracting load or simulating equipment failures for new and legacy deployments. 

Provisioned Circuits

Provides the ability to assign power usage to customers or end-users to support bill-back reporting

Machine Learning

OpenData goes beyond normal conditional alerts by deploying learning algorithms that actively monitor your system data for current and potential issues. 

Built-in Analytics

Canned reports and dashboards for Power metrics and KPI’s

How OpenData monitors IoT equipment data

Download the OpenData IoT platform overview to see how we can keep your Telco equipment running at peak efficiency

Energy Savings with OpenData

This technology company saved $262,000 annually using OpenData

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