Energy Management

Real-time Energy Management

Every successful energy management program starts with a project to baseline current energy use.Without an initial baseline, there’s no way to accurately measure if the “improvements” you are making are having a positive effect on your energy consumption. Using real-time data for energy consumption collected over-time, for every operational condition, gives you the most accurate baseline for energy consumption in your facility.

Accurately validate the effectiveness of your energy management initiatives

After establishing a baseline for current energy use, companies must measure, analyze and control power usage while making systematic changes to reduce energy consumption. Each change can be measured for effectiveness with the overall goal of decreasing energy use without compromising equipment uptime or availability.

With OpenData software from Modius, you can validate the effectiveness of your energy management initiatives by accurately baselining and tracking energy consumption, carbon emissions and PUE in your data center or facility using real-time data collected over time.

Key features

Federal Programs

With a mandate to reduce data center spending by $1.36B over the next 3 years and Executive Order #13693 calling for a reduction in greenhouse gas emission by 40% over the next decade, the Federal government is serious about the impact of its 11,700+ data centers.

Every agency is now required to install instrumentation to measure PUE in every data center not subject to closure. All remaining data centers must have a PUE lower than 1.5 by September 2018.

Achieving a “green” data center requires more than estimating the energy savings on the application form for ENERGY STAR or LEEDS Certification. You need proof of your data center’s energy efficiency over time. For instance, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses the power usage effectiveness (PUE) metric todetermine whether a data center qualifies for the ENERGY STAR label.

With OpenData software from Modius, you can validate the effectiveness of your energy management initiatives by accurately tracking energy consumption, carbon emissions and PUE in the data center over time.

PUE Assessment

A PUE Site Assessment will help data center owners and operators plan the implementation of a metering system that allows their organizations to gather the necessary data for required OMB Reporting and energy-efficiency improvements as required by Executive Order #13693.

The end result of the PUE Site Assessment is an Implementation Report providing detailed, step-by-step instructions for implementing metering to gathering the data need to produce mandated PUE metrics for the data center.

For more information on the PUE Site Assessment, Download the Product Brief here!

“PUE in a Box”

Modius’ PUE-in-a-Box Solution provides an inexpensive, turnkey approach to collecting data needed to generate and report on PUE Metrics in compliance with the guidelines established by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Program.

Modius makes it easy to report on PUE Metrics for your data center after evaluating your current infrastructure instrumentation for generating PUE calculations. Once the meters are installed, data relating to your facility’s PUE is collected, normalized and stored for presentation through our cloud-based Web portal, (or optional on-premise software installation).

For more information on the PUE in a Box solution, Download the Product Brief here!

Utility Sub-Metering

There has been a lot of hype associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), but a very practical Use Case can be made for using IoT for Utility Sub-Metering.

Property Owners and Managers are tired of the complaints they get for raising rents based on rising utility costs and tenants are tired of feeling that they are being charged unfairly based on the utility usage of all the tenants in the building. Having the ability to account and charge for the utility usage of individual tenants provides a strong incentive to conserve energy and other shared resources.

With technical improvements in meters and sensors (size, power consumption, connectivity, data points, etc.), we now can easily collect all the data we need at the edge of the network to practically implement an IoT solution for utility sub-metering. In addition, we can collect performance data from the sensors and meter themselves, toensure that service interruptions and other issues can be quickly detected and resolved.

For more information on the Utility Sub-Metering solution, Download the Product Brief here!

Energy Savings with OpenData

This technology company saved $262,000 annually using OpenData

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