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FREE Edge Infrastructure Readiness Assessment

Modius, the leaders in infrastructure monitoring, and Datatrend, a proven leader in optimizing IT environments have teamed up to help  organizations prepare for edge equipment monitoring and analysis, and increasing performance of connected devices by offering a FREE edge infrastructure readiness assessment.

With fewer local resources to diagnose issues and the the reliance on increasingly complex machines means that machine failure is not an option, and running at peak efficiency at the lowest possible cost is the new reality. 

Our free edge analysis pairs you with an industry expert to help understand your current architecture, and determine which proven value-driven IoT use cases will most likely benefit your edge strategy.  

  • Define Edge computing business objectives
  • Assess risk , cost and return before you deploy.
  • Determine organizational readiness including people and process
  • Reduce security concerns by mapping out proven edge-based best practices
  • Evaluate network and device topology to extract the most value quickly
  • Deploy rapidly with an evolved forward-leaning strategy that incorporate your next generation network