Edge Data Centers

Learn about the latest architectural trend bringing compute power closer to latency sensitive smart equipment and services, and the ideal way to manage this architecture. Less costs, faster decisions, better outcomes. That’s Edge!

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Compute Locally

Latency sensitive equipment and services more compute power locally to provide need-it-now delivery and data processing to your clients, requiring a new infrastructure. Learn best practices of managing an edge architecture. 

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Lower Costs

Edge computing is part of a  diverse, central, cloud, edge data strategy. Local machine learning and analytics, along with costly bandwidth costs require edge computing. By extending equipment to the edge you lower costs and gain functionality.

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Manage Everything

Edge requires IT and Facility assets along with connectivity to the rest of your network, talk to us to find out how to manage everything in one pain of glass while you extend your next generation network of services and equipment. 

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IoT Asset Management

Learn about how Modius OpenData simplifies the monitoring of distributed IoT assets and easily integrates into existing  and new equipment.

Edge Data Center Solution Brief

Read about Edge Data centers and managing a next generation network