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  • Why IT & Facilities Management needs PCM
  • OpenData PCM Overview
  • OpenData PCM Features
  • PCM Capabilities and Benefits

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OpenData v3.7’s upgraded Power Capacity Management (PCM) Module

OpenData v3.7’s upgraded Power Capacity Management (PCM) Module uses real-time IoT data collection to dynamically manage power load thresholds for all devices connected to the power chain.

The Modius PCM Module for OpenData v3.7 helps Facility and IT personnel work together to insure that power related outages are avoided and available power is used efficiently to support high levels of equipment density in the data center. The PCM module allows Facility personnel to build an exact model of the data center power infrastructure, from the utility to the servers in the racks, augmenting the manufacturers’ specifications with real-time instrumentation for devices in the power-chain.