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Predictive Maintenance and Reactive Remediation

Oil and Gas companies face potential challenges such managing spills, emergency shutdowns, and regulatory compliance throughout your remote field operations. 

Predictive analytics and real-time monitoring are a critical components in any Oil and Gas deployment. The ability to constantly monitor tank levels for fluctuations, collect pressure and flow rates from well sensors, and make sure your operation is running at top efficiency is pivotal in maintaining profitability. 

Time is money, and having enough time to react to issues in the field is key. OpenData by Modius constantly monitors your IoT equipment looking for potential issues, and alerting you in enough time to deploy the appropriate resources. 


Key features

Collect data from everything

Monitor all upstream, midstream, and downstream assets, facilities and enterprise systems. OpenData integrates into just about anything natively quickly and easily. 

Mash-up data from everywhere

OpenData allows you to combine data from multiple systems to create a unified mash-up of all field assets and facility equipment, both of new and legacy systems, centralized or destributed

Real-time decision making

Automated data normalization, time synchronization and the ability to combine data into useful metrics to predict outcomes. OpenData provides correlated information for superior decision making. 

Advanced Reporting

OpenData has built in decision analytics reporting, so you can determine why something happened with intuitive charging, visual analytics and business intelligence, as well as Future event monitoring for what-if modeling and system optimization with predictive analytics. 

System Interoperability and Monitoring

Mckinsey Global Institute bleives 40% of Io T value will be enabled by system interoperability by 2020. OpenData leverages your existing IT and Operations systems to act as the monitors of monitors. By leverage your existing systems we reach further into your data stack, and provide more analytical value for the health of your device data. 

Before there was the Internet of Things, there was OpenData

To successfully manage distributed  complex assets such as Oil and Gas, you need a proven Enterprise IoT monitoring application.   Before IoT, we designed OpenData from the ground up to collect data at the edge of your network in real-time, from every device type and from all manufacturers. Our highly scalable, distributed architecture and template approach to device connection and data extraction make OpenData the ideal platform for your Oil and Gas deployments. 

Integration Support

No IoT application stands alone, data flows between devices, control applications and other systems in the IoT ecosystem. We built OpenData to be “open”, providing a full suite of API’s and Web Services to insure that other applications can access OpenData functionality and retrieve data on-demand.


  • Event Management: Offers core alarming and event management across all IoT devices.
  • Advanced Analytics: Create dashboards and distribute reports based on the data collected from the Internet of Things.

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This technology company saved $262,000 annually using OpenData

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