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Download Solution Sheet for Data Center Analysis

Modius offers low-cost, easy-to-deploy solutions for accurately measuring the efficiency and capacity of all of your data centers from a single console.

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Key Features – Analysis

  • All the same benefits of Modius OpenData Monitoring Solution, plus ...
  • Real time data feed for up to the second information you always now how your facility behalves under stress or dynamic conditions.
  • Computed Points providing the user an intuitive capability to build industry standard or unique metrics.
  • Pre-built best practice dashboards and reports.

Works Across the Enterprise

Modius OpenData captures data from across the enterprise, allowing you to integrate alarms from a variety of geographically distributed sources:
  • Data Centers and Call Centers
  • Server closets / IDF closets
  • Modular data center containers
  • Colos and remote MSPs